(Mostly) Wordless Friday

I know that Kiwis & Brits are two of the worst nationalities for discussing the weather, but I simply can’t help it. Look!


This year we have had the most drawn out winter (for awhile I seriously thought we might be going into another Ice Age) and it never seemed like it was going to end. Until this weekend.

Never work with Children or Animals… (that’s my guilt free faux Ice-Cream I was enjoying in the sunshine. Better photo and the recipe to follow, promise).

They say that red is the best colour to have in photo as it attracts and focuses the eye. I kinda disagree. For me it’s green (even though in the words of Kermit it’s not easy being green.)


Oh, this isn’t my garden, I tend to kill plants, but it’s one I walk near most days. Isn’t it splendiferious!

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