South of Normal – Reading Recommendation

Ever felt like you’re stuck in a paper shuffling rat race job that’s draining your soul and your life away? Norm Shriever did.

So he quit his well paying but life sucking job, and moved to Costa Rica with “nothing but a laptop and a surfboard, vowing to chase his long-forgotten
dream of being a writer.”

It’s brave moving to another country, but compared to bowler cap doffing London, moving to Costa Rice sounds like another world entirely. A different language, a different harder way of life, third world prisons and drugs.

READ THIS. I actually couldn’t put it down, each time I picked it up I lost at least two hours of my surburban life to a Costan Rican Paradise. Or is it?

South of Normal: Norm Schriever

Travel changes you, but will it change you in the way that you expect it?

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