The Misremembered Man – Reading Recommendation

One of the offshoot effects of owning an e-reader is what we have been calling Kindle Roulette. You can’t really see the cover, there’s only a short synopsis and sometimes you just roll with the books that have been recommended by the programme. This is one such book, and I thought I wouldn’t probably wouldn’t like it, but it really hit me in a soft spot.

The Misremembered Man is about a farmer who grew up in one of the abusive Catholic orphanages of mid-Century Ireland, and relives what he went through as a child. As a softer counterpoint, it also tells the lighthearted search of love of two lost hearts; the farmer, Jamie also grieving the recent loss of his adoptive father, and Lydia who yearns to break free of her mothers iron-control.

It’s beautifully written, you almost feel as though you are sitting in Jamie’s farm cottage lounge with him (and want to clean him and it up), could have a cuppa and rock cake with his good friends who talk him into signing up for a lonely hearts ad, and the reasoning behind Lydia’s well ordered life.

The Misremembered Man: Christina McKenna

It’s a poignant, gripping read, and not your normal fluffy duck romance novel, and it absolutely sucked me in. Hubby came into our Canalboat room to me crying and sniffling happily. Not many books do that (TV programmes on the other hand especially Call the Midwife… but that’s a story for maybe another time).

What have you read or watched recently that has unlocked the floodgates?

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