That Time I Got Writers Block

Although today for the first time in 9 months I’m scratching my head a little, I don’t really have writers block – there are still plenty of posts in the bank both drafted and some really fun things planned (read: overseas travel, this Kiwi is flying again!) I think I’m missing having a series on the blog – my Oranges and Lemons Church series has ground to a temporary halt because our last church on the list isn’t really a Church, it’s the Whitechapel Bell Foundry which is very popular and booked up for months, so I’m thinking of a new one to pop into the blog. Perhaps the original Monopoly board? Perhaps all of the pubs in London (actually I shouldn’t do this one, it’ll make hubby very unhappy as he can’t drink at the moment due to the diet we’re on) or perhaps something totally different.

I really hesitate to call what I put on the blog as ‘writing’, it’s more musings and wanderings with a side of research, and occasionally a bit of humour (or what I think of as funny anyway!)

It’s something I’m sure I’ve mentioned a few times, but I really do take my hat off to proper authors and writers who can take a dream or an idea, and construct a wholly believable world out of it. Take Glass Houses for instance or The Night Circus.

When they get writer’s block though, how does one manage to proceed? Is it thinking of something alternative, and having the confidence to pursue it or even to admit that it doesn’t work, that the character wouldn’t really pursue that response or line of enquiry? Pure fiction must be the hardest, at least with non-fiction or historically inspired you can do a little more research or interviewing, but then how do you bridge the fiction and non-fiction?

The blog is more of a long-term journal sharing everything I love, and why I loved it (or in some rare cases loathed).

Huh, I’ve just eeked a post out of writers block, Who’d a thunk it?

I think I’ll leave you with  some bloggers acronyms from the Stay Abnormal bloggers, not an original, but ones that made me smile;

Because it hasn’t been beaten completely to death yet, (OK, yes it has) here are some codes for bloggers:

GSSD……….getting suicidal, stats down
CFRT………..can’t find right theme
ILTIDIIDP………I’ll let the internet down if I don’t post
ALIGAPOOI………At least I’ll get a post out of it
BIARJ……..blogging is a real job
SCMIBB……..sorry, can’t make it, busy blogging
HLWRP…….hitting like without reading post
CFFPIB………criteria for Freshly Pressed is bullshit
WTHITTH…….why the hell is this tagged “humor”
IYNTYNT…….if you’re not tweeting you’re not trying
IYNY………it’s you’re not your
IINI……….it’s it’s not its
BRFD………bloggers rule, facebookers drool
DHLITP…….Damn, how long is this post
IPYTVRB…….is posting you tube videos really blogging
SJCMS…….sorry, just checking my stats
ATTMTTBS……….adding “tits” to my title to bump stats

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