Foodie Penpals: June Edition

With a miss-fire last month, I was doubly excited to receive June’s Foodie Penpal parcel, and it was friggen awesome.

I was pretty vagues with my likes & dislikes as usual, as I love trying new stuff and very rarely dislike something (here’s looking at you Kale), so my Penpal Fikir did some blog research and came up with an absoloutely awesome package.

To help with my 101 in 1001 goals, she sent me her most favourite Foodie read which I’m already hooked into and enjoying – (gotta love commuting! Goal 99.), dried mushrooms for the Beef Wellington (Goal 72.)I’m planning on making (soon I promise!) and some fantastic tips – and Nasturtium seeds to make an eadible flower salad (Goal 77). What she doesn’t know is that I was running through the goals the other day to see how I was going, and this is one I’ve set my heart on doing this season – win!! The Foodie Penpals psychic link in action again…

Then, the piece de resistance. Fikir’s homemade Chocolate Coffee Bean Cake. Holy crumbs this was delicious. Velvety chocolate cakey decadence with whole coffee beans providing a chewy caffeinated whomp as a counterpoint. I think I’m in love, and may need to beg the recipe but then I would have to make & eat it which would be temptation. Talk about conflicted feelings.

Anyway, it really was delicious – and very moreish.

Thank you Fikir, you’re package was so thoughtful and perfect – it was me in a nutshell.

Both my Penpal hook-ups were readers this month, so I can’t pass on any blog love (Kieran, I hope you received my package and it’s not lost in transit somewhere in a UK postmasters lunchbox!) but I can give you cake envy. SorryI’mnotsorry.

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