New York Foodie Adventure | Taking a bite out of the Big Apple

WARNING: this post will make you hungry & possibly cause your credit card to jump out of your wallet and book a flight to for a New York foodie adventure. #SorryNotSorry

FroYo – Cake Batter, Original, Pistachio & Double Chocolate. Mmmmmmmmmmmm

We came, we saw, we explored, we loved and we ate. Oh boy we ate! The brilliant thing about holidays is how much you walk. Sightseeing, lack of transport familiarity and getting lost between the sightseeing places.

Oh, and then there are the foodie walking tours that you book in (gourmet nosh + walking = balance, right?)

All of my co-workers quite rightly warned me that going to New York on a diet was foolish, so we decided to cast of the healthy eating mantle we have assumed for the last 2 months, and enjoyed everything we have denied ourselves.


Our walking tour started with mini-appetisers; fresh Tuscan style focaccia bread, a 4 cheese rice ball and a salami selection.

Our ‘mains’ were the best slice of Pizza we have ever had the pleasure to taste & then holy bagel amazing-ness. Fresh, soft and creamy these were just delicious. Check out the variety of toppings below – this was only about half on offer.

And for the dessert portion; Molly’s build-your-own-cupcake and

Cawfee in the best smelling shop in New York,

and the New York classic, Cannoli. (It was good, but give me a Brandy Snap any day!)

We also made sure to sample good olde fashioned Big Apple – Apple Pie. Can’t beat it.

a tender Irish burger,



and ham, waffles and eggs sunny side up.

This counted as vegetables, right?

New York , I salute you.

There is almost nothing I like more than wandering the aisles of a foreign supermarket to give you an idea of the place. We didn’t buy anything, but stared in wonder at the heaving shelves.


Bacon Candy is amusing, but disgusting, just fyi.

Somehow overall whilst on holiday I actually lost a kg whilst we were in America, and New York was only our first week of two. The above wasn’t all we ate, we tried to have a healthy meal each day (porridge, soup or a salad) but we ate guilt free all the way through. Oh, except for our Coney Island Hot Dogs, they were definitely a guilty pleasure with the strange-yellow-cheese-sauce.

What is your favourite way to eat meals abroad? Self catering, restaurants, mom & pop places or big chains?

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