Kiwis are rare, but can be found if you look in the right places…

I’ve been a big blog reader for a long time, but since starting the blog, I’ve discovered and become addicted to reading & discovering new blogs through a few different social media platforms.

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I thought I’d share them because I’d like to get to know you, and I also wanted to pass on the internet sites I’ve found helpful.

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This is an addiction I can’t seem to shake off. There is something great about being able to pick up the random world at the touch of the fingertips, though it’s a definately a time sucker. I’ve also been able to meet a couple of lovely ladies in the real world and it’s brilliant. It’s a good tool though – the stories that have come from the immediacy of Twitter – take NeverSeconds for example.

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Bloglovin’ is really helping me keep all of the blogs I read in manageable order – which says a lot as there are so many interesting ones. I like the fact that blog posts can be marked as read or unread,you can search full blogs or single


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Google+ and I are becoming fast friends, slowly but surely. It’s been a great tool getting to know communities and branch out further.

Foodies100, is a great resource rounding up the top UK Foodie blogs. Somehow I’m ranked within the top 500 which is shockingly awesome. I’m always amazed by the length and breadth of variety in blogs – it’s fascinating to see how creative everyone is.




I’m member of and


 And last but not least I’m a Foodie Penpal.

I’ve not been comped by any of the above companies – just wanted to share the love!

Where do you prefer to read/keep up to date with blogs?