Northern Ireland #travelthursdays

I rather enjoy Thursdays. Not quite as much as Fridays, or Saturdays, and Sundays, but there is something rather nice about having reached the back end of the week, and being able to start planning weekend shenanigans (not this month though it’s going to be a little ridiculous). Thursdays are also perfect for planning long weekends away.


One of the best things about living in England (other than the afternoon tea) is the vicinity to so many places. 3 other countries are within driving distance (Wales, Scotland & France) with at least another 5 within 2 hours flying distance.




Perfect for sneaky long weekends away.



My first ever view of the Altantic. I felt so excitingly far from home…




The Giant’s Causeway, not far from Bushmills Distillery where it was rude not to try a wee dram, and we ate the best EVER roast.






Such a sad, history rich and fascinating country.

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