Pies, Olympians, Lamingtons and a Kiwi mini-festival near Regents Park.

Picture this, straddling one side of genteel Marylebone Road we have Taste of London in Regents Park; Londoners nibbling canapes, sipping sparkling wine and discussing Foodie trends. On the other side, in a private garden, we have the Kiwis drinking beer, eating pies and listening to Jarred Christmas tell dirty jokes and rib a gold medal toting Olympian about how strong his arms would be in a hug.

Oh yes, Kiwihouse was back (with a few less flames).

Ps. I am going to name drop like a mofo in this post, because it was for charity, raising funds for the Kiwi athletes looking to compete in the Rio Olympics. So there.

The mini-festival was pretty informal, located in one of London’s premier private gardens and had crates to rest on, a DJ BBQ (ably assisted by @ChefMattBurgess) a huge marquee and some delish niblets. They had a bad-boy BBQ and an awesome outdoor stove, check it out below…

The DJ BBQ’s beats, and North Carolina inspired Pulled Pork sandwiches were pretty delish, especially accompanied by Kiwi nosh like Twisties (in all their neon E-number glory) and Pineapple Lumps. I think I could just about write a Robert Burns worth ode to Pineapple Lumps (or maybe rip off a Black Eyed Peas song). On a sidenote, I think I may be slightly high still from the e-numbers.

Apart from meeting up with a couple of friends, one due to move to Hong Kong, my main goal was to try one of Pie Pai London’s beautiful looking pastry creations.

It didn’t disappoint. Flaky pastry, proper lumps of steak and delicious cheese. I’m only disappointed there wasn’t time or belly room for their Bacon & Egg Pie. A little bird tells me that they live on Northcote Road Market (SW11 1NZ), London’s “Kiwi Pie epicentre” so I think a few further investigations need to be carried out. In the name of science you understand?

Our Rowing and cycling boys enjoying a well deserved @piepai_london with @kiwihouse2012

An unexpected delight were a fresh batch of Lamingtons, my first in about 8 years. Tim from Ozone coffee couldn’t actually believe that I hadn’t had one in that long. It seems I need to get my baking scales out sharpish!

All washed down with a healthy tin of ‘Lemonish’ L&P. Kiwi sunshine in a can.

We then trooped out of the English “summer” weather into a marquee, where we met Hamish Bond, Eric Murray (great blokes, more than happy to chat to us fans – I get so shy that I let my friend do most of the chatting, whilst I did the English thing and chipped in with inane snippets about the weather) and a host of Rowing and Cycling sports people who were all lovely, and tall. So tall.

Just a standard Sunday evening in the capital, y’know.

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