Venice, Italy – #travelthursdays

Six years ago, I fell in love.

As with most love affairs it was brief but torrid. I fell hook line and sinker for Italy. We spent two weeks in total in the most gorgeous country I’ve ever been to yet; 4 days in Venice, 3 days in Pisa (finding a surprisingly good beach tucked away), 3 days in Florence, and 4 days in Rome.

Rome left me a little cool, it was busy and crazy. Florence was fantastic, a very laid back artsy city. Pisa we thought was going to be a one trick pony, but Venice, oh how I loved it.

Venice, how I love thee (especially on a late-summer’s day). The jewel-box churches, the history and the uniqueness of a floating city, combined with some of the best food in the world.

My best tips;

  • Take the water taxi out around to the outlying islands & plan to come back around twilight. Watching the sun set as Venice appears on the horizon is astonishing.
  • Don’t be taken in by the tourist trap restaurants, and try the house wine. It’s normally delicious.
  • Try not to go at the height of summer, apparently it doesn’t smell very good and swarms with tourists.
  • Prepare to get lost in Venices’ wandering streets. It’s the best way to stumble upon something beautiful. 


Florence stole my heart many, many moons ago, Venice has my soul, Rome my thirst and hunger, Tivoli my artisticly history drenched imagination.

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