Blood, Bones and Butter – Reading Review

The best way to be recommended a book is by a person whose opinion you trust. Kindly gifted to me by my June Foodie Penpal-er Fikir, it’s a deeply personal journey about Gabrielle Hamiltons extraordinary correlation with food and her soul.


This kitchen memoir taunts and teases, and you never quite know what to expect next, and I must admit I rather enjoyed the fact that it’s her real life – something that isn’t going to play out in a homogenised start, middle, denouement & end fashion. I liked the variety of life experiences the author had and how vividly she experienced them.


Read it; if you’re a foodie, love surprises and aren’t of the squeamish variety because expected as a chef Gabrielle has to deal in the mucky in order to present the polished and beautifully plated hors d’oeuvres. She travels through her own American hometown, all over the States and one memorable, real backpacking trip through Europe. It’s not all peaches and cream, and I enjoyed her journey from childhood to not being able to resist an all consuming passion.


 Blood, Bones and Butter: The inadvertent education of a reluctant chef


It really reminded me a lot of writing style for the Flavour Thesaurus, the same richness, but without the practicalities. This novel is a journey & an education.


When I decided to start reviewing books on this here humble blog, I did think to myself ‘who on earth cares about your opinion on someone else’s novel that may have taken years in the planning and executing’? And then I dismissed the errant thought because I don’t do anything in a nasty way, but you dear reader, allow me to indulge in publicly letting me work out why exactly I enjoyed or didn’t enjoy a book in manner that pushes me to really think hard about what I’m reading. Thank you.


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