Foodie Penpals – A taste of Norway

I was so excited to open this month’s Foodie Penpal parcel, I didn’t even wait to get home. I opened it in a quiet corner of the train station. Geek and proud baby! This months’ parcel came all the way from beautiful (and so far unexplored-by-me) Norway from my lovely match for the month, Elise-Renee at Food by Elise.

There is a special thrill when I get a European package, it seems like a mini-holiday on my doorstep. So far in addition to some fabulous British packages, I’ve received parcels from The Czech Republic (via London), Greece and a very special package from Philadelphia.

Enough navel gazing, and on with the reveal. I actually don’t know how she managed to fit so very many goodies into one box. Are crazy good packing skills a Norwegian archetype? They did seem to invent the matpakke which may explain it somewhat…

There is something fascinating about not being able to understand the name of what you’re eating without the enclosed lovely guide note.

Elise-Renee’s Foodie Parcel did present me with a quandary though – deciding my favourite item. Was it the Goldfish crackers that made surprisingly awesome Pate scoops? Was it the Stranda Skinke (ham?) that melted in your mouth?

 Our Norwegian summer picnic plate.

Was it the Lesfe Godt, Elise-Renee’s soft cake from childhood that has such a delicious filling that it almost didn’t make it home on the train? The 3 varieties of Porridge (so far my favourite it’s the ‘Great.’ porridge with it’s gingery notes – perfect for winter, and how can you not smile at the name?)

Was it the Kvikk Lunst (much like our Kitkats) that is mandatory on ski trips, or the scrummy Lime muesli bars that I wish we could get here?

I simply can’t pick – that and I’ve still got tasty tidbits to try. Thank you so much Elise-Renee, what a fabulous taste of Norway!

This month I sent a package to Helen. I hope she enjoys it!