London Zoo (ZSL)

Missing out last year on Zoo Lates (Friday nights where the Zoo stays open late with drinks and foodstalls) I was so excited to hear they are back this year, I actually booked the tickets whilst on holiday in New York



I was as happy as a pig getting it’s tummy scratched. Now that has to be an original simile. You’re welcome.




I know that Zoos don’t allow the animals to live carefree in the wild, and it’s mean to have them caged, but in this day and age of poachers, hunters and predators it has to be nice to have a nice warm house with food on tap, right?



Heeeeey you!


My favourite places are Penguin beach (and fyi if you are ever stuck for a birthday present for me, a Penguin would be AWESOME and yes, I know, irresponsible) and watching the Giraffes. They are both such beautiful animals.




Funny story, at the risk of sounding like a foreigner & tourist (both charges of which I will happily accept), for a good while every time we caught the Bakerloo line we wondered what on earth we ‘could change for ZSL’ could be at Regent’s Park. Thankfully it was the London Zoo (the Zoological Society of London, doncha know).


Zoo lates itself its hilarious. It usually involves an adult crowd who are invited to visit in animal costumes (except the Monkey House & Big Cats as they aren’t sure how to react) who have a few bevvies and wander around the wonders housed.




Lions, Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Ps. I think I have discovered where Amy Winehouse picked up a few of her fashion tips from…


Sadly, Zoo Lates are over for another year unless they add another date to the diary (which I’m rather hoping they will) but I can easily spend 6 hours in there. Take a Picnic, a few fizzy drinks and settle in for a day of cuteness. Baby Otters anyone?

More details of the Zoo can be found here (and pssssst. you can quite often get 2 for 1 deals). Rocky the Rockhopper penguin, a star of Penguin beach even has his own facebook page. Rock on.

Top tip: Camden tube is actually closer to the Zoo than Regents Park, but it is a beautiful walk!

When was the last time you went to the Zoo?

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