Natural Kitchen: disappointing Eggs Benedict in Marylebone

Hello everybody, I’m an expat from New Zealand, I am an Eggs Benedict snob and welcome to this instalment of Kiwi brunchers anonymous.

Out for a lovely leisurely morning brunch with a good friend of mine, we picked the Natural Kitchen, which I discovered has a plethora of deliciousness last year (Oh Natural Kitchen Tomato and Chilli Jam, you ARE the jam!) as a return visit was much overdue.

We began well, with a delicious berry smoothie, and a blackened salmon salad for my lovely lunchdate.

I, as any true blue Kiwi does when espying Eggs Benedict on a menu ordered my favourite (and trust me they do – a couple of weeks ago having brunch with some lovely Kiwi lasses there was not one, not two, but six orders of Eggs Benedict on our table some form, and a croissant – but she’s young still.)

If you are going to make Eggs Benedict – and every weekend kitchen worth it’s salt should do – in my book there are a few are cardinal rules and an order to things stacked together on my plate.

A dash of green


Hollandaise Sauce


Poached eggs softly seasoned


Ham, Bacon, Salmon or Mushrooms


Softly toasted Muffins (or in the case of Ozone hash)

This is not Eggs Benedict (even Wikipedia backs me up). And the toast was rock hard.

The inherent beauty of this dish is normally apparent in the way the poached eggs ooze their gorgeous yellow yolks over the soft warm muffins and ham (my poison of choice), and intermingle with the eggy buttery luxury of the Hollandaise. I didn’t get any of it here.

However Natural Kitchen, you do however get bonus points for softly heated butter (from the warmth of the granite-like toast); the best presentation of a bill I’ve ever seen (tucked in a cookbook);

…and a pretty delicious selection of cakes.

It was quick, the service friendly (thought weirdly got friendlier after I snuck my photographs), the prosciutto was a lovely counterpoint to the ham which I’ve not had before and it’s pretty reasonable cost-wise. Would I have it again? Nope. My addiction wasn’t sated by the disappointing presentation of my much longed for favourite.

Natural Kitchen has loads of other delicious things – I dare you to make it out of their deli without a lighter purse and bulging bag – but maybe it isn’t one for the Eggs Benedict connoisseurs.

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