New Zealand – #travelthursdays

I’m a bad Kiwi. I realised today that after more than a year of tweeting, and a few expat blog posts here and there, I’ve never really shown you anything of my homeland. Aoteoroa, Land of the Long White Cloud, God’s Own.

May I present a photo-essay of the North Island on New Zealand. It’s pretty gorgeous if I do say so myself (sorry about some of the photo quality).

View of White Island from Ohope Beach, Whakatane

It’s a tiny but beautiful island waaaaaaay over the other side of the world that more than makes up for it’s size with sheer passion and friendliness.

You have been warned. 


Auckland’s Sky Tower: tallest building in the southern Hemisphere that you can eat in, gamble in and pay to jump off (attached to a zip wire).

Rotorua on the Luge.

Wellington (aka Wellywood after the Lord of the Rings workshops) has an amzing view from the cable car and gardens)

Eight metre bottles of lemon-ish-pop (which has just released a mash-up with Whittakers – yum!!)

The sights, sounds and smells of sulferous geothermally active Rotorua

The hills and peaks of our mountainous countryside

And oh, the beaches. Probably the aspect I miss the most – some smart person calculated that no-one living in New Zealand is more than 3 hours drive from a beach.

…and of course our natural icon, the Kiwi himself (this pic is terrible, but they are nocturnal which is rather hard to photograph.)


Have I convinced you to fly 12,000 miles yet my English readers? This is of course New Zealand biggest drawback (though without the isolation the countryside and animal population would have been totally different.


For further indepth ideas of what you can do, check out my blog friend Dee’s blog. An American expat she is living in England, but lived all the way in my home country. How did you get all the way over there again Dee?

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