Spacehopper Races & Football in Clapham common

“What is the best way you like to spend your work breaks?” a well-known yoghurt brand Tweets out. “Spacehopper races on Clapham Common” answers my friend. Boom, competition won, Spacehoppers ordered and a date set.

And that is why we’re friends in a nutshell!

Race 2 (or possibly 3)

Think of all the things this bandstand has ever seen, over the years. Never in it’s designers wildest imagination did they think that it might witness people bouncing on bright blue Spacehoppers kicking a football (best video ever below). Or did they?

I was rubbish, utter rubbish. With a wet grass, and a headache combined with never having Spacehoppered before, I ended up falling off the Spacehopper more often than not, though the Antipodean side wasn’t entirely let down thankfully.

It wasn’t just me who was less than lucky, but I was certainly overall the worst.

The end result was 5:2, but a heck of a lot of fun! Some of the turns made & goals scored were pretty darned impressive, especially given the beer imbibed and rain that was falling.

What was your favourite childhood Toy?
What is your favourite way to spend a work break?

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