A Loo fit for a Queen: the Victoria and Albert Museum

With approximately 4.5 million objects covering 5,000 years of art and design from four continents, the Victoria and Albert Museum is one of a kind. It’s absolutely my favourite museum in London (so far – there is still room for more) and I could easily spend a whole day wandering through the corridors.

But, the museum corridors hold more than just exquisite artefacts, humourous installations and ancient statues.


(The Ceramics Gallery on the 6th floor is a little known gem, check out great guest post here)

When Queen Victoria visited the museum, she couldn’t possibly spend a penny with the commoners, so a bathroom suite was decorated and allocated just for her use. Isn’t the tiling gorgeous?

If you stop for a refuelling tea and cake in the cafe, which I do recommend (it’s a little pricey as expected though), behind a modern timbered door to the right of the main cafe area, farthest from the main entrance, is the prettiest bathroom I’ve seen in a long time.

A marble baby changing table fit for a Prince (George).

Open and free for use by the visiting public, it’s well worth a wander in.

I do love the random amusements to be found in the strangest places…

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