Broken Homes – Reading Recommendation

The fourth installation of Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London Series, Broken Homes is set South of the Thames, was a much awaited book in my household and had a clanger of a cliffhanger that has left me wanting more.

This installment has focused around a housing block near Elephant and Castle and a murder featuring the arcane and mysterious. The author has many strands of character plot running through the urban fantasy novel, but as always London comes shining through. Carrying on from Rivers of London, Moon over Soho and Whispers Underground, it’s great to see the PC Grant begin to find his feet in the world of policing, wizardry and the school of hard knocks.

It was a good read, and one I couldn’t put down, but I have to admit it’s not my favourite in the series. It didn’t grab me like I thought it would (though the twist at the end caught my breath!) but couldn’t put my finger on a particular reason.

Broken Homes: Ben Aaronovitch


‘I think you’ll find that I’m perfectly capable of using a radio’ said Nightingale, ‘And it that fails, I’m sure Peter here can be relied upon to blow something up.’


I’ve also discovered the author’s blog Temporarily Significant with tidbits of behind the scenes information. Don’t miss this book if you’re a fan of the series so far – some of the best parts of the stories are the applications policing methodology to some unusual situations.

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