Kane & Abel, Jeffrey Archer – Reading Review

A business and political intrigue following the lives of two men born on the same day, one in Poland to a poor farming family, the other to the head of an American bank. The compelling read of Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer is fascinating keeping the pages turning whilst the newest twist and turn is revealed.

Both of my parents are voracious readers, and sorry hubby, it’s basically their fault for my addiction. Both parents are big fantasy readers which won’t surprise anyone who reads these reviews, but from my Dad as a teenager I read many a political and mystery book too. From him, I have a deep appreciation for writers such as Bryce Courtney and Jeffry Archer. I guess I wasn’t quite your average 15-year old girl!

This time I picked Kane and Abel up as part of reaching my goal of reading 60 of the BBC’s 101 top books – just 11 to go!. Whilst thoroughly enjoyed it as a standalone book it kinda weirdly reminded me of echoes of balmy New Zealand evenings. (Why does a novel about business and revenge remind me of New Zealand? I’m not actually sure either).

Kane and Abel – Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer weaves a deft tale of business and revenge, creating two very interesting characters, both multi-faceted and intriguing. Spanning 60-years of childhood, marriage and eventually death it explores these highly powered, hard-working men’s lives and how they affect each other, directly and indirectly with a whopping twist at the end.

With the implied link to Cain and Abel in the Bible, there is a lovely depth to the story throughout, you never really feel like things happen just because the author felt like it, there is a reasoning behind all mentions in the book – characters, events and the compelling time period the characters live through.

I can’t recommend it enough.

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