Stonehenge / Wiltshire #travelthursday

One of the best things to do at this time of year living in Britain is to hop in your car with some great company, a picnic, a map, your favourite music and go for a road trip.

Pop up to the lakes, go for a relaxing spa in Bath’s thermal pools or nip down to Wiltshire.


Your mission should you choose to accept it is to find;

1) A wonder of the world
2) A dinky off the beaten track pub that sells wonderful food
3) A rude sounding place name
4) A farm animal
5) Somewhere that looks like a fairy meadow

and you have to lose your way at least once – it’s road trip law.

Are you up for a challenge?

I don’t know the name of this place, but it had the BEST roast dinner,

topped off by my Banana Cake. Mmmm

The hardest part of the trip? Coming home.

What’s your most favourite road trip? Was it planned or spontaneous?

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