Upsidedown Father’s Day: Holidays as an Expat

With a Twitter timeline full of random blue lines (the new conversation joins, not pregnancy tests don’t worry) and “oh shoot, it’s Father’s Day this weekend” comments from my Kiwi expat friends, well I have a confession to make. I had a wee moment of panic as it dawned on me that they were correct, and it was too late to send anything.

This is a key conundrum being an expat and living a long long way from home.

Luckily I had cheated. I absolutely knew I would forget, so when it was Father’s Day in the UK (June), I pre-loaded a card to a greeting card website and queued it to send the week before Father’s Day. Whew!

Yes, yes, I know that these days are arguably one of the most successful marketing ploys of Hallmark and a common victim of errant apostrophes, but I think the idea of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day is a fantastic one. I think you should celebrate the people-whom-without-you-literally-wouldn’t-be-here every day in the little things.

Father’s are weirdly harder to buy for compared to Mum’s. Mum’s are easily sorted with flowers, chocolates and something embroidered. But with Dad’s there are only so many Tie/Socks/Book combos that you can get away with. I tend to run with more random pressies to make him smile; a sheep that poo-ed chocolate raisins, golf balls that he could lose in the river play golf with, bookmarks that never got used ‘because he didn’t want to ruin them’ and one memorable Christmas, we got him a potty putter. Trouble is, he got two of them.

I am a Daddy’s girl. I don’t mind admitting it and though I love my Mum as much as everyone else does (inspite of and because she’s a little crazy, but that’s just family hey!), my Dad is pretty awesome (though his jokes are a bit rubbish… just kidding Dad, this was a test to see if you really read this…)

On the plus-side living over here also means you get 36 hours of birthday fun. We have to weigh these things up. Anyway, Happy Father’s Day on Sunday to all my Kiwi readers.

When is your Fathers’ Day? Upon a little reading, I found out there are so many

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