Clandestine Cake Club / Peach & Raspberry Upside Down cake

I’m not going to try and spin this, I’m not a big baker or cake goddess. I wish I was in some ways I also wish I was a 1950’s poster wife (they are so beautiful), but alas, it’s the 21st Century and this girl has other places to be!

But, in spite and possibly because of this when I heard about Clandestine Cake Club, I was itching to get involved.

What is a CCC when it’s at home you ask? Basically there are 3 rules of Cake Club

1) No cupcakes, muffins, pies… it’s cake only people

2) It’s not a competition

3) You will meet at a secret location near to your group, and eat cake with lovely people

It’s great, no?

My first attempt at going to a meeting in March met with, well an accident, so I couldn’t face seeing all the other lovely cakes… I had invented a delicious Chocolate Lime cake for our ‘Frost Free’ theme, even teaching myself how to make Lime Curd (which is super easy btw). I almost could have cried.

Read bottom to top… I was only kidding – mostly.

Our theme this time was ‘Very Berry’ and we had a delicious variety (in no particular order because like a child in a ball pit every one was my favourite);

Blueberry Sourcream Cake with Cream Cheese Icing (btw my favourite icing – this paired and carrot cake = mana from heaven)…

Blackberry Wood Gateau (Gluten Free, and some awesome layers oozing with a handmade glaze – I was well jealous)…

Coconut and Strawberry Vanilla Spongecake with a Lime Icing (utterly delicious decadence)…

Blueberry Crumble Cake with unctuous crispy crumble topping (this is definitely going on my winter ‘to cook’ list)

…and last but not least I guess, my Peach and Raspberry Upside Down Cake. I think this is pretty well my 3rd or 4th cake ever, and I’m really pleased at how it came out. It’s rich and super moist – perfect with Vanilla Custard (or in my case a handy bottle of whipped cream… hey, it was light whipped cream and CCC cake doesn’t have calories – you knew that, right?) It’s not the prettiest of cakes, but a few fresh Raspberries made it prettier (and a strategic cake angle – the other side isn’t so well, cakey). Nevermind!

Please excuse my sexy container, but lugging a pretty cake stand on the train didn’t seem like such a smart idea… such is the life of a commuter hey!

The proof is in the pudding as they say!

The recipe I nicked from the Feel Good Foodie, and I can confirm it’s pretty straightforward, and a lovely cake. The only thing I might say because I can’t help myself is maybe very slightly less sour cream than they recommend (and make an Crustless Quiche with the left over egg whites).


Best bits? The company and the ensuing sugar rush. It’s definitely the best kind of dinner! Friendships are often created the moment you utter the words ‘Would you like a slice’.

I am going to be SO popular in the office tomorrow – this was the takeaway goodie bag!

Fancy joining in a Clandestine Cake Club? Check out your local branch here.

(Ps. another 101 in 1001 ticked off!)

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