Clockwork Angel, Cassandra Clare

Clockwork Angel: Victorian London with a supernatural twist holds many secrets for Tessa, an American girl who travels to England to meet her brother, after losing her aunt and most of her world.

Clockwork Angel is rather surreal, a really interesting take on the fantasy genre (starring my favourite character, London!). It’s a prequel written to the best selling ‘Mortal Instruments’ series which somehow I missed (must be all the Tea I’ve been drinking lately, I don’t know how either!).

After a Twitter shoutout to my tweeps, and several stonking recommendations, I had two very different books on the go this weekend Clockwork Angel (thanks Bailie), and Paul Coelho’s The Alchemist (stay tuned next week). It’s quite an interesting experience to have such different worlds occupying your head at once, but it means that when one is wearing a little you can dive into the other one.

 The Infernal Devices 1: Clockwork Angel – Cassandra Clare

The novel features Tessa who on being kidnapped fresh off her boat from the US, finds out that she has supernatural powers and of a whole subterranean world, with links to her family. There are Vampires, Demons, Shadowhunters, and a vague love triangle with angsty angry Will and seemingly perfect Jem.

I’m going to say this now – I prefer my heroines to be a little stronger – Tessa seems to get out of the way a lot of the time when the action hits, but I have to keep in mind that it’s set in Victorian England where women and kids were seen and not heard for the most part. My interest is most definitely piqued though, and I’m waiting to get the second in the series. Please tell Will where to go Tessa, please!

Each of the characters, from Charlotte who runs the Shadowhunters, taking in orphans to Sophie the precogniscent maid has an interesting story to tell interwoven with Tessa’s, and a few intriguing twists and turns. I won’t tell you more because I don’t want to give away any secrets or plot strands – you’re just going to have to read it.

The mystery of the clockwork angel is fascinating me though, and I can’t wait to find out more. Would I recommend it? Definitely, a slow read perfect with the cat, in your PJs, hiding from the autumnal rain.

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