Clockwork Prince, Cassandra Clare – Book Review

In the second of Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices series, Clockwork Prince, Tessa, Will and Jem are developing more feelings, getting into more mischief and starting to answer questions left over from the first book. Plus cleverly opening a few more plot questions…

We don’t watch a lot of TV, apart from GBBO & The Big Bang Theory. It’s not that we don’t like watching TV far from it, it’s just that there’s a whole lotta rubbish on the box that we’re not into. What we end up doing is coming to a series late, and buying the box on DVD and then watching it for house. Why am I waffling on about TV, and what does it have to do with Cassandra Clare? Well, I was a little 50/50 on her novel Clockwork Angel.

Then, I gave the series another chance, and downloaded Clockwork Prince, the next book in the series. Bailie, I bow down to your much superior knowledge! I loved it to the point that I actually couldn’t put the book down to go to sleep. This is what hubby and I do with the DVD series’ – ‘just another episode, oooh, go on just one more then…’ and before we know it, it’s 3am and we’ve watched 5 hours of Downton Abbey (don’t even get me started on the Waltons).

The Infernal Devices 2: Clockwork Prince – Cassandra Clare

“A clockwork army is being built with the sole purpose of destroying the Nephilim, a group of people blessed with the blood of Angels commissioned to protect the rest of us.”

The characters are getting into their stride and becoming deeper, more rounded and getting into much more mysterious happenings. Tessa has become more natural and is developing, Will has a reason for being so weird and Jem, oh poor Jem’s story is continuing to develop in very interesting ways. If you’re a Twihard, Potter-head, Vampire Academy or even Sookie Stackh… no wait, it’s not that dark. But to everyone else I’d thoroughly recommended sticking with the first, then snapping up the second book.

It’s fab to see some of the secondary characters weeded out (and a few killed off, thank goodness!) and they are becoming more rounded. I rather enjoyed Jessamine being locked up. Ps. the best EVER plump for this book was a review I saw on Amazon;
“Personally I have not read the book but my wife has been so absorbed in it that I can watch whatever I want on the telly since she got it.”

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