Father Thames #travelthursday

Avast ye Landlubbers!

There are SO many wonderful places you can travel to from London. You can be in Paris in a couple of hours by train, fly to Prague in the time it takes to watch a movie, or New York in the time it takes to finish a novel.

But some of the best travelling you can do is on your own doorstep.

Key supplies;

  • A seaworthy inflatable/floatable item
  • Nibbles
  • Grog Peach Vodka cocktails and beer for the lads
  • Life jackets
  • Canal lads



Just sit back and relax, or if you’re lucky recline in the captains chair and go for a spin.



The wildlife levels are astonishing in the short time we were there, we saw swans, herons and many birds that I don’t know the names of. We also saw loads of cows (much less exciting) and housecats which are much less intersting, but you gotta have them!




 Can you see the wise man of the river, Mr Heron? 



We love the Thames, it truly is the heart blood of London. From more active uses of the river such as rowing, to the less strenuous cable car and pops up in the most unexpected of places, such as the tributary in the basement of an antiques dealer. My favourite London book series Rivers of London features Father Thames as a character;

“He was short, with a pinched face dominated by a beaky nose… there was a sinewy vigor in the way he moved.. the force of personality drag[ged] at me; beer and skittles it promised, the smell of horse manure, walking home from the pub by moonlight, a warm fire and uncomplicated women…” (talk about writers license for the last one!)


Just relaxing, letting the waterways wash over you…

File:Father Thames, St John's Lock, Lechlade.jpg

What is your favourite way to spend time on your river?

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