Foodie Penpals: September Edition

Several very intelligent people have told me over the years, that you learn something new everyday, and people that don’t think they’re learning are either close-minded or don’t realise what’s going on. It may be something as simple as Big Ben isn’t viewable to most of the public or how to recognise a constellation.

Well, over the last month I’ve learned something quite interesting. One in Four people in the UK are gluten intolerant, and it seems that thanks to me, statistically speaking you’re probably safe. It turns out that my system doesn’t really like gluten. It’s nothing earth changing but it’s been interesting to find what I can and can’t handle.

I’m not super sensitive as some people are, but a White bread sandwich means my tummy gets as round as a drum. Not ideal really – my boss has given me a few worried askance glances and it’s not really comfortable, but it is definitely food for thought. How long do you run through life not realising that something is not good for you?

Any who, I’ve been delving into the world of fermentable oligosaccharides and how to deal with eating on the run that doesn’t involve the old standby of a sandwich. That Earl of Sandwich has a lot of gluten-addiction to answer for.

My Foodie Penpal Cara (a reader) this month really came through trumps for me though – I’ve been trialling all sorts of foods, normal and gluten free to test them and she kindly sent me a few I haven’t tried – Gluten Free crackers (similar to our favourite Ritz crackers that I’ve been missing), Cheese bites – Original and Sour Cream & Onion, and Corn Cakes.

Thanks so much Cara, it’s really appreciated – we’re slowly making our way through them, and I hope you’re feeling better.

I sent my box to Sabine, another lovely reader who had really specific requests making shopping super easy. I tucked a few extras in though – I hope she enjoys them!

Thank goodness chocolate doesn’t have gluten.

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