Kiwi Favourite Treats – the UK Cheat Guide

Sometimes you feel heartache at the thought of the people, your town and the culture you leave behind when you move to another country. Sometimes, it’s more of a hollow feeling in your stomach. You know, like it’s empty?

One of the hardest things about being an expat so far from home is of course a distinct lack of easy access to not-too-expensive home treats. These for the most part aren’t a necessity or a world crisis if you can’t get them, but it can make quite a large difference when you’re homesick as a short-term fix to be able to masticate something you love.  

This has been an anguishing post to write (yeah right) taking more than 7 years of painstaking work to compile.

I have painstakingly tried and tested many, many UK food items, and have ended up with a (possibly acrimonious) list of replacements that are good in a pinch. Please don’t attack me, or boycott the blog if this upsets you as ‘it’s not the real stuff’ just bear it in mind next time you have a craving. And it enjoy the fact that it doesn’t cost 4 times what it would be in New Zealand.

One of the drinks I love the most you can surprisingly get here in pubs – Lemon, lime & Bitters – you normally just have to teach the bar staff how to make the drink (they musn’t sell it very often). Occasionally they pull out Lemon Bitters, but that’s quite a different drink all together.

There are a few requests I struggled to meet with that my expat friends missed; 

  • Affordable & good Fush ‘n chups

  • Not expensive Japanese food

  • Fresh Mussels

  • Chop Suey / Chow Mein

  • Breakfast Tacos

  • Ginger Kisses

What am I missing? As an expat, what do you miss the most?

* This title bar proved to be a long discussion. I was vetoed using the uber tongue-in-cheek “Uk goods that aren’t quite as delicious as the real thing” because it’s rude and “inaccurate”.

** They are just more solid that Timtams which makes sucking your tea through them difficult.

*** The New Zealand Gourmet Pie Company – who are offering 5 for the price of 4 if you enter the code “LondonKiwiEmma” into the notes box.

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