Open House, London

My favourite event of the year is happening this very weekend – Open House London. You get to nose in other peoples homes look at marvellous design in peoples homes, explore buildings that aren’t always open to the public and discover gems of building that may be around your corner and you didn’t even know it.

It’s free, you just have decide where to go! (Ps. My international readers, they are developing all over the world – check out Open House Worldwide.)

The Crossness Pumping Station, Bexley (thanks Timeout)

There is something for everyone – I friends going who love olde-worlde exploring, modernists, locals who want to explore their history, architecture buffs, families with kids…

44 Mount Park Road / 37a Leamington Road Villas / 4 Lonsdale Road
71 Greenwood Road / Chandos House – Royal Society of Medicine
 College of Psychic Studies / Craig Park Youth Centre / Diamond House

You can check out the recommended highlights or the whole list of 750 buildings specially open for the public. 

Make a list of all the places you’d reasonably like to see & fit in. There is an Open House London website organised by area, a book that you can buy from various places & now an App (definitely available on iPhone, coming soon on Android) for a small charge. Go on, make an instant coffee tomorrow morning instead of buying a chain one, and buy guide. You are supporting a cool charity people!


City Hall, South Bank (thanks Timeout)

Be Prepared – there may be queuing at the most popular buildings but take a friend, a brolly (this is London after all) a water bottle and a few snacks. Maybe even your favourite blog to catch up on posts you’ve missed *hint hint*

Courtesy of Demonix

Take an enquiring mind – the stewards and guides love answering questions.

Open House London is a simple but powerful concept: hundreds of great buildings of all types and periods opened up their doors to all, completely for FREE. It is a truly city-wide celebration of the buildings, places and neighbourhoods where we live, work and play, and a quarter of a million people take the opportunity to get out and get under the skin of London’s amazing architecture.

The dates for 2013 are 21 & 22 September – This very weekend! 

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