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There are some things you have to do in Paris. Visit the Eiffel Tower, buy a hot baguette from the boulangerie (I’m kinda puzzled as to why they sell them with the ends missing and hubby has such a guilty face…oh, wait…), drink espresso outside the local cafe watching the world go by, try snails and frogs legs and stroll the Champ Elysee.

Being old hands, in addition to this we were pretty keen to try something new, something fun.


There are 80 flavours of Eclairs that are rotated through their two Parisian stores.

80 Flavours!?!? The chef who owns the stores has revamped the traditional 18th Century combo of Choux, cream & topping, with the addition of fun flavours – popcorn, yuzu, melon; and some of the most gorgeous icing I’ve seen.


The only trouble is, how do you pick just one, or two? Luckily, I got to sample the flavours of four. I don’t have one of those husbands who won’t share, which is lucky because he doesn’t really have a choice. (I sure our vows included “to have, to hold, to share any yummy stuff…”)

We tried the;

Chocolat grand cru – Madagascar Chocolate Cream with 64% de Cacao

Passion-framboise – Crème Passionfruit & freeze dried Raspberrys

Rouge Framboise – Raspberry Cream, Chocolate and Grand Cru Chocolate Milk

Caramel beurre sale – Salted Caramel Mascarpone

Apparently the revival of eclairs as a gourmet indulgence is being driven by chef Christophe Adam. He’s made them smaller (as with anything gourmet), shaved the sweetness slightly and introduced some beautiful flavour synergies. Our favourite flavours? For me it was the – ubiquitous – salted caramel, and for the boy it was the Passionfruit.

At €5-6 each they aren’t cheap, but they are heavenly. The day we went it was really quiet so we wandered straight into the shop, but from all the stories I’ve heard it can get super busy. But if divine pastries aren’t worth queueing for, what are? For directions check out the website – it’s about a 10 minute walk from Notre Dame Cathedral.

  The little aliens room.

Whilst we wandered Paris, re-aquainting ourselves with her cobbled streets, I had a second place firmly in mind for exploring.

DERNIER BAR AVANT LA FIN DU MONDE, or “Last Bar Before the End of the World.”

You enter to a weapons cabinet full with a Klingon bat’leth, Harry Potter wand, Jedi light saber, and the One Ring; turn right for the steampunk-esque room with a wall, yes a wall of comics, RPG source books, novels, and stacks upon stacks of tabletop games and two more downstairs bars. It’s uber geek heaven.


All of the cocktails are all sci-fi themed – I couldn’t being myself to say no to the ginger infused TARDIS (above & just as bright as it’s namesake) and the 42 (which of course is the meaning of life). I’m with @RunawayKiwi on this one – it IS really hard to pick your drink in order to align with your Sci-fi allegiances. Who doesn’t want to order a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster just to say they’ve had one? The cocktails are delicious, but almost a by-the-by.

All 3 levels are stuffed with geek chic to make your heart happy. References to Sailor Moon (below), Revolution masks and a large sculpture of the Millennium Falcon above a clock counting down to the December 21 Mayan apocalypse to name but a few.


Further details can be found here.

Ps. You should be reading Runaway Kiwi because she pointed us in these two delicious directions.

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