Pies, glorious pies…

Your stomach rumbles. The fridge is empty, there’s only the half a crust left in the Bread bag and someone drank the last of the milk. You grab your keys, pull on your Jandals and hop to the nearest place of sustenance, the dairy. In New Zealand, it’s not somewhere that cows are milked, but a type of local corner store.

After pacing the streets, entering the door to a ‘eeeee-ooooh’, you’re entranced by a small metal box that glitters alluringly to you from the corner of the front counter. Inside, pockets of golden parcels of sustenance twinkle at you, just warm enough to be flipped into a bag, ready to be eaten in nearby comfort. Tomato Sauce clutched in one hand you pay the owner quickly, before the hunger engulfs.

Oh, how I’ve missed you pies. I know, I know, they’re not the healthiest of lunch/dinner/snack items, but I believe in the 80/20 approach. Eat well 80% of the time, and blimmin’ well enjoy yourself the other 20%. We probably only live once, and who ever regretted that treat you had 15 years ago?

Furthermore, at home in NZ you’re roughly 84.36% more likely to encounter a warm pie in a store at the end of the road than a decent sarnie.

I wrote a post over the weekend on English substitutes for Kiwi goodies for my homesick Kiwi readers, and without doubt the food that I miss the most are Steak and Cheese or Mince and Cheese pies, hanging out ready to eat at every place that you find food. London bastion Pie, Mash and Liquor is delicious, and it’s pretty easy to make Bacon and Egg Pie, but there is something about a golden Kiwi pie that straddles the line of golden soft, crispy and delicious and being able to carry about in your hand – generally back to your home or car (not that the pie makes it that far usually).

I love the UK – I love the history, the quirks, I adore Scones (whether they be Sk-ohnes or Skons), Jaffa cakes and Shepherds Pies. But, now I feel that know I can settle here. The NZ Gourmet Pie Company has filled a hole in my stomach that has been a yawning chasm all this time. I genuinely can’t tell you enough how delicious these babies are. Hubby, my uber-POM actually didn’t let them get to the oven for heating, before he scoffed them – that’s an unbiased review of how good they are.

So far we’ve tried the Steak & Cheese, Peppered Steak, Chill Beef and the Spinach and Goats Cheese. The pies are delish and I’m thrilled to be able to share another Kiwi company bringing Kiwi-flavoured deliciousness to our UK tables.

If only the Romans and Greeks knew how happy they would one day this Kiwi when Pie was first recorded in writing, back in 160BC. Great blokes.

I digress.

Who ate all the pies? I did. And to celebrate, they’ve kindly offered to my readers that if you use the code “LondonKiwi” in the special/deliver instructions and you order 5 pies, you get one free; order 10 you’ll get 2.

(I was in no way paid for this – just sharing the deliciousness!)

Your favourite flavour?

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