Blog Challenge v2.0 – 7 Photos, 7 Quotes – How we see the world

Much to my surprise, more of my lovely blogger peeps have expressed an interest in a second round of ‘7 quotes for 7 photos’ challenge (see the link for the first round of talented bloggers.

There is a vague link-up working title of ‘How we see the world’ because as with most things the vaguer you are, the more flexibility and creativity can come to the fore. So, without further ado:




I’m also proud to share the following lovely ladies who are involved in this round, all great inspirations in the blogosphere – I’d love you to explore their blogs and let them know you popped by.


Bailie @ The Hemborg Wife

+Caroline G. @ Isle of Wonders

 Dee @ Deecoded

 +The Wanderblogger @ The Wanderblogger

 These are only some of the Ladies that jumped up – let me know if you also want to be involved in the roundup & I’ll pop you up!

Thank you, ladies! x 

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