Doctor Who – 50 years and still going strong

Everyone has “their” Doctor. Whether a fan or not, even us barbarians all the way over in New Zealand aren’t exempt knowing who the Doctor is that defined their growing up years (with the exception of the over 70 year olds of course). Currently holding the
Guinness World Record as the longest-running science fiction television show in
the world first screening on the BBC in 1963, Doctor Who holds a dear place in
many peoples hearts (and those who don’t like it were probably scared of the
pretty advanced-for-the-time monsters).


It’s an incredible run, and this Saturday is the show’s 50th anniversary.


(FYI for the non-fans: The lead character,
simply known as “the Doctor” is a Time Lord – an extraterrestrial from the
planet Gallifrey, who travels through time and space in an internally vast time
machine called the TARDIS which appears relatively small when seen from the
outside, but is in fact very large on the inside.


The Doctor flits about the universe, usually with a companion having adventures,
saving the universe and fighting baddies. There have been successive generations
of actors playing the character, explained by the act of the Doctor being able
to regenerate (much like the Buddhist reincarnation).)



Please let me introduce the ‘Time and Relative
Dimension in Space’ or better known as the one and only
TARDIS, a machine used for travelling through time and space. It’s also a
brilliant ‘alternative’ Tourist attraction for Sci-fi loving fans. Ok, so maybe
it’s not expressly for escaping the Monday blues, but it would work


Thankfully if
you are a Who-vian, you don’t have to travel to Gallifrey or the ends of time to
find a TARDIS, as there is one conveniently parked outside Earl’s Court tube
station. Neat and very random, huh? It’s another of the things I love about
London, you really don’t know what to expect next.

The directions are
really easy: Take a District or Picadilly Line Train to Earl’s Court
. Exit the station (take the Earl’s Court Road exit), immediately
turn right, walk about 10 feet and it’s on your left, between you and the Road.
You can’t get inside, unless you know the Doctor, or an incredible special
effects team but it’s still awesome.

I’ve also heard rumours of other TARDIS sightings
over London – at Winston Churchill’s Britain At War Experience, Tooley Street;
Television Centre, Wood Lane (probably now moved to the BBC’s new headquarters
in Manchester) and of all places, Hendon Police Training College where it can be
glimpsed from Northern Line trains. 

Oops, there it goes again! 



Who is your Doctor? And a possibly separate question – who is your favourite?

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