Foodie Penpals: The early and festive Dutch edition

My Foodie Penpals package this month is festively tinged. Very sensibly the Dutch don’t start celebrating Christmas until the end of November – unlike our UK business corporations who consider any time after October 1st to be fair game – as the day of Sinterklaas is celebrated by Dutch children on the 5th of December with a small gift, whereas the grown ups shift their present giving to Christmas Day.

Sinterklaas, is the Dutch granddaddy of Santa Claus. Yet another fact I wish I had known before. Thank you blogging, again I bow my head. My match, Kim, sent me a deliciously decadent package.

I was really hoping my next Foodie Penpal would be a European one – there is something extra special about opening a package of foodie love from another country; exploring from the confines of a medium sized cardboard box. 


Kim sent me the festive kruidnoten (small spiced biscuits), butter almond speculaas and delicious Stroopwafels (wafer biscuits with a toffee/caramel inside – delicious left on a cup of tea for a minute). Honestly, how do Dutch ladies keep so svelte with these to wink at them from the supermarket shelves?

My parcel also included Applechips – dehydrated apple slices which are scrumptious and lasted about 20 minutes, Whilhemina peppermints, and Hagelstag.

Hagelstag are awesome. Chocolate sprinkles (and in this instance tiny chocolate houses) that are eaten on toast.

Chocolate sprinkles. On Toast.

Why did I move to England where the favourite is Marmalade (yuck)? In the brand Kim sent me, the pack contains tiny green chocolate houses called Zaanse Huisjes, houses in Holland.


Thank you Kim, it was an absoloutely smashing box!

My parcel this month went to the sweet Kristina, a Gluten Free blogger in Germany so keep your eyes peeled for her thoughts.

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