John Lewis Secret Santa: The Reveal

A few weeks ago the John Lewis PR team were kind enough to contact me and invite me to participate in their Blogging Secret Santa, and matched me up with Heather, a proper photographer and Foodie who blogs at Breakfast by the Sea.

Disclaimer: We received gifts for participating, but no positive reviews were requested in exchange. My (many) opinions are only ever my own.



You all know that I’m a card carrying, silver fern wearing, flat-white swilling Kiwi, and I am proper fussy about my coffee. So, I can’t tell you how stoked I was to receive my own kitchen-top flat-white producer – a Bosch Tassimo Charmy.

Commuting hasn’t ever looked so rosy, as done clutching a hot cup of proper joe of late. I’ve been playing with a variety of flavours and cheery warming spices from the nearby spice rack as well as the flavours on offer with the coffee capsule thingees {that’s the technical term}.

It’s a great little machine, and well sized – it doesn’t take up much room in our very London-kitchen sized benches.


I’ve always been a little dubious about Secret Santas but I think I’ve been converted. Thank you Heather, and John Lewis. You’re both ace and are contributing significantly to keeping this blog fuelled with essential caffeine supplies over the festive season.



I’ve even caught Mr Kiwi red-handed getting sneaky evening caffeine fixes in, not offering me one as it’s so quick to use he thought he’d get away with it. Cheeky.


Just a small note for any one who gets one of these for their families on Christmas Day – get them a few coffee capsules as well or they won’t be able to use it for a post-Cake digestif until the next day.


Oh, I hope Heather likes hers!

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