Taking on Pinterest.

So, I’ve got a bit of a new addiction. I knew what would happen, so warily avoided the twinkling lure of Pinterest with it’s shiny collections of beautiful images and plethora of blog reading behind it. I didn’t care about hanging out with the cool kids, preferring to stick kitchen chopping boards.

Pinterest’s profile on Pinterest

This was until Rebecca directly uttered the carefully planned and treacherous words “Oh, are you on Pinterest? I’ve got a Coffee in London board I thought you’d love.” You sneaky, sneaky girl. 


It’s actually brilliant. As I knew it would be.

For planning a new trip, for extending your cooking repertoire, for rainy day lists, for gathering the beautiful photos that you want to learn from and for a way to spend those 20 minute sessions at work when you’re waiting for those important documents to be sent through.

So come, come on over to the dark side, it’s pretty over here in Pinterest land.

Have you been hit by the Pinterest bug? Do your pins ever make it to life? 

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