101 in 1001 Goals and resolution update.

This time of year is synonymous with goals and dare I say it, resolutions. I don’t make them at New Years because I’m a rebel without a clue I know I probably have even less chance of keeping them if I make them at a predetermined time as I’ll doubly misbehave in the meantime. 


#88 “How we see the world” 7 photos & 7 quote linkup


As you may be aware, I set myself a 101 in 1001 goal list. As you may not be aware, I’ve just realised that I now only have 426 days before the time is up. Only 14 months to go *deep breaths, deep breaths*. 



#62. Go to a Pantomime at Christmas


I have been determinedly working away at these, and with some updating just now, and a little help from my awesome friends actually I haven’t fared too badly. 46 completed and 11 in progress – a few of which are scheduled to be sorted out in January.  


 #72. Cook a Beef Wellington


I can’t really believe that I’m still so enthused about completing these goals – but then again, they are causing me to have the greatest of fun!


#63. Go to Paris for Lunch


Important question; Is it cheating if I revise a few of the goals that I don’t really want to do anymore? Does that make the whole premise pointless?


Are you a New Years Resolution kind of person?

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