Off to Paris for Lunch, as you do!

Fancy something crazily luxurious? How about nipping across The Channel for lunch just because you can?


One of the biggest draws for living in London is the ability to leave it easily. What I mean is there is access from London to pretty well everywhere in the UK and Western Europe within a few(ish) hours. With the Eurostar mitigating the need to travel first to the airport (usually and arduous journey itself) and then through Airport check-in lines, going to Paris for lunch is something that has been on my ‘all time’ bucket travel list, and as such has lurked on my 101 in 1001 list where it threatened to stay for a long time.


…until discussngs the possibility over afternoon tea with a few crazy friends, when we made the decision to stop talking about it and pick a date. This was despite getting out of bed extra early and being faced with a pre-10am Emma – something not to be taken lightly I assure you (my husband leaves for work early to avoid before being faced with the confuzzled Kraken).


So one cool November Wednesday, at 7.30am instead of being smooshed on a commuter train and undecided as to what to have for breakfast at my desk, I met my fellow conspirators and decided what coffee and croissants to breakfast upon whilst travelling at great speed towards France. A much better dilemma.



We arrived to a stunning autumn day, and we popped to the Musée de l’Orangerie, to see the Frida Kahlo / Diego Rivera, ‘L’Art en fusion’ exhibition, and Monet’s famous ‘the Nymphéas (Water Lilies)’, installed in their custom designed oval rooms. Words fail me trying to describe how fabulous these are. To be encompassed by such moving beauty…


With the trifecta of famous Parisien museum/art galleries; the Louvre, the Musee d’Orsay and now Musée de l’Orangerie ticked off the ‘Stuff wot to visit when in Paris’ list, we tripped through the Tuileries Gardens towards our ultimate indulgence.





(Excuse the weirdly tinged lunch photos, the the European lighting may have confused my camera. Why, I don’t know.)



I couldn’t not order the infamous Angelina Hot Chocolate, a molten cacao concoction that tastes like liquid Lindt truffles, but balanced it with a lovely salad.  

You also can’t not have proper Patisserie whilst in Paris, it would be rude.



Good, no? Well worth the trip (given the choice between this and practically anywhere I can get to in two hours, it’s a no-brainer.)


BEST DAY EVER. No wait, that’s our Wedding. SECOND BEST DAY EVER.



Tummies full, heart happy and laughter on our lips we tripped down along the Seine towards my favourite Eclair shop Notre Dame soaking in the general French conviviality.



Requisite eclairs, baguette, pate and a tatty pen for the other half in hand, we settled in for one last aperitif in the cutest, cutest shop/cafe/delight.  


Most definitely my highlight of November.

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