Topsy turvey Christmas – Kiwi Stylin’

Many people are fascinated by a Kiwi Summer Christmas. We combine an unusual variety of items; fruited Christmas cake, stockings, snowy scenes on Christmas cards, days spent on the beach in the roaring sunshine, prawn cocktail starters and roast beef mains….

So, whilst we’re rosy cheeked, wrapped up in woollen scarves, waiting for the snow and sipping mulled wine, I asked my baby Sister, who still lives in New Zealand to share her favourite place, which is where she’ll be for Christmas.

This is Cockle Bay on a fine evening at about 6.
My favourite place in New Zealand

Hmmmm it’s a hard decision, to decide between three awesome places in which I’ve lived is tricky. Weighing the pros and cons it would have to be Howick where I currently live. It’s in Auckland, East Auckland to be precise. One can assume it’s snobby like the “North Shore” or Ponsonby. Nah, Howick is sweet like a cool drink on a hot day. In true Kiwi tradition Howick is five minutes from two beaches of which both are equally awesome, especially in summer. One is called Cockle Bay (but doesn’t have any cockles in it.)


The people are friendly and open happy to say hello or good morning or have a conversation in the street.

Saturday mornings are the best, there is the best market I reckon they sell everything from baking to flowers and fresh mmm bagels New York style. Brownies that melt in your mouth, Strawberrys and other produce fresh from the garden. Its Strawberry Season in NZ as well. Yummy and sweet.  



This is one of the awesome views from the top of Stockhard Hill where an ANZAC memorial stands in tribute to the fallen heroes. I try to jog up to this memorial every morning and see the view.




Thanks Sis, one day I’ll convert you to London life muhahahaha.



I’m. So. Jealous. (So is my Kiwi Santa I think…)


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