As you read this, New Zealand is already embracing the new year of 2015. We’ve watched the sunset on an incredible 2014 and have (probably) watched the sunrise over the horizon of 2015. Each year… View Post

I hope you’re spending today in your favorite way – whether it’s with your family, excitedly waiting for the Doctor Who Christmas episode, spoiling yourself with a feast, hiding from your family, laughing at awful-ly… View Post

Let’s face it, jetlag mostly sucks. Long-haul flights aren’t easy, and juggling the after effects of exhaustion, a lack of adrenalin (all used up transferring between countries) and a decided case of dehydration can be… View Post

Where would we be without social media? Ok, so some people would possibly be conversing IRL with their friends without the possibility of Twittering said conversation (moderation is definitely key) but for me it’s been… View Post