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The mind wanders to enticingly unvisited corners of the map as a new year approaches and travel plans begin to take shape.

Today, settling back at the work cliff-face with many people are returning from the festive break, it’s lovely to look ahead to travel possibilities that 2014 might bring.

I have a feeling that for chez London Kiwi, this year is going to be the year of the many-mini-trips. We’re already starting to get dates in the diary, and transport booked. Last year it seems like we spent much of it exploring our immediate doorstep and to me, the travel addict, it almost didn’t feel like we managed to visit many places (despite visiting New York, Florida, France (twice), Grimsby, Gloucestershire to name a whew). Although I did go to Paris for Lunch!

Madagascar, a dream destination;

Sifaka – the dancing Lemur, the archetypal beach scene & Indri Indri – the largest Lemur.

I’ve been thoroughly inspired not only by my fellow bloggers, but also by a good friend of mine who keeps posting the loveliest photos of her holidays. One such trip was to the tropical shores of Madagascar and she has kindly allowed me to share them as inspiration. Sadly Madagascar isn’t in our near future as we’re trying to save the annual leave for next year, but we’re certainly going to make the most of the weekends available to us. 

Myself, Mr Kiwi and assorted mischievous friends (you know who you are) this year are probably looking to include Brussels, York, Amsterdam, Chichester, Ireland, Dover, maybe Morocco, maybe Greece, maybe Canada, and who knows what else we’ll get to see. Watch this space! 

I also really hope to fit some sunshine in & turn my skin colour back from pasty blue to icing white. We’ll see, we’ll see. If London has as good a summer as last year, we may not need to even board any flights in search of vitamin D. Fingers crossed!

Spied on a night walk through the rainforest; a male Parson Chameleon, a yellow frog & a miserable female Parson Chameleon

In the spirit of the general “A new broom sweeps clean,” feeling of the New Year, a few of us blogistas (including linkup co-host Kelly) are sharing our travel thoughts, inspiration, plans and aspirations of travel plans in the New Year. Please join us!


On to the link up!



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