Adventures of a London Kiwi grows up!

I can’t believe it. My little hobby blog that I never thought anyone would read has passed two milestones. I know it’s not blog etiquette to discuss figures (much like you would never ask a lady her age) but I’m utterly thrilled to announce my news.


It’s the best festive present a girl could get (except of course my Christmas blog mug from Mr Kiwi).

First of all, thank you. One of my excitements is going to stay a state secret, but I’ve passed a page views milestone – one that I never thought I could reach. The plan was never to aim high –  I never thought I would be doing much more than keeping an online journal the Mr Kiwi, a few of my friends and family would be reading. Blogging has encouraged us to do so much more than that. We are exploring our home properly, doing things we might never consider doing have been (read: Zipling across Wembley Stadium and climbing Big Ben) and opportunities I wouldn’t have had the confidence to seize could have fallen by the wayside. Most importantly I’ve met and connected with the most amazing community of bloggers, readers and passionate people.

My other news? I’ve managed to secure and add my .com address. The blog has now graduated from the Kindy class of BlogSpot, to the next level of Primary School, whereby the new address is With the help of online guides, it’s another successful DIY job (though to keep it honest there was a short call to the domain provider) but I’ve still yet to graduate to WordPress. Baby steps. Baby steps.


In reality, in order to publish a blog, there are quite a few hours spent hunched over a computer keyboard – editing photos, writing up blog posts, editing said blog posts to make sure you aren’t hareing the heres, worry about publishing the post & then dancing around with social media in order to get the word about the posts out there.

You would think that this would make real life rather dull, chained to my desk, but in reality we’re so busy doing fun things, writing them up is a pleasure to recount the fun times.



Readers are the life blood of a blog. Let’s be honest, if you weren’t reading this, I definitely wouldn’t have had the public ‘pressure’ to keep being out and about in London-town nearly as much.


You do amuse me though. When having a look through the search terms used to find my little piece of the internet, a few doozies turned up and made me smile.

Hollow empty feeling in stomach – Yep, I get that a lot too.

Eskimo Lollies Ingredients – My kinda readers. Just invite me around next time you’re trying the recipe out, mmmkay? I wonder if there is some way to set up a barter system for this?

Favourite places for Kiwis in Italy – Erm.

11th doctor sweet – Ummm? At least you’re Doctor Who fans, and Matt Smith ones to boot (depending on how you count.)

Restourant (ozone) recommendation – I’m a little upset that a spelling mistake made it into a search item – and it’s worked a few times!

Pants upside down birthday – Ummm?

Tesco Hammersmith – I. Love. You. All. (it has a dedicated Kiwi/Aussie section).

Kiwi Lolly Cake

is available.
(Ps. if you’ve bookmarked the BlogSpot address it’s fine, it will keep redirecting BUT you should definitely use bloglovin’ it’s awesome).

.orgis available.ChanceSofaLondonFruit.orgis available.Anyway, thank you again, I couldn’t have been so stoked without you.

Whilst I’ve got you reading this far down (and you deserve a medal) is there anything you’d like to see more of? Kiwi Recipes? Traditional UK recipes? Travel? Quirky book reviews?

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