British Museum, a historic heart of London.

Just how does a humble blogger from the other side of the world write a post about the ancient wonders housed in the British Museum? Well, by attempting to cover a handful of the approximately 8 million permanent works dating back as far as circa ~3500 BC, a few shots of the wonderful atrium and a highlights walking tour. 


 British Museum Art Culture


Over the years I’ve spent a lot of time wandering through these halls. When I first arrived in the UK I ended up running a pub, and let me tell you, having a 4 hour break in the middle of the day is horrible – too short to go home and nap, too long for a lunch break. So I generally ended up wandering around London, and the British Museum was a regular favourite haunt.


British Museum

The Museum is a perfect venue for culture vultures, the curiously minded and those who simply enjoy wallowing in the epic nature that was the British Empire.


Just remember tea, rampaging and pillaging.

Adventures of a London Kiwi the British Museum


There are just so many items of fascination to behold. Egyptian Mummies and friezes, studded with beautiful hieroglyphics…

… ancient games of Thud, I mean the beautiful Lewis Chessmen…

… the odd touch of New Zealand…

…the immense and beautiful Rosetta Stone (a copy of which you can touch)…

…Ancient Greek and Roman statuary…

… and just so much more.

One of my favourite aspects of the Museum has to be the hidden ceramics gallery and the ‘hands-on’ desk run by volunteers in the Enlightenment Gallery. Who doesn’t want to actually hold a 2,400 year old vase (among other items)? Not only that, but it has a link to Napoleon – these vases were the income that his Mistress’ husband Lord Hamilton generated. (When you enter the museum by the main entrance walk into the large hall, then take the door at the middle of the wall to your right.)

Weirdly, it probably has to be my second favourite museum gift shop as well.

Even with my hours wandering the galleries, I still knew that I hadn’t seen the majority of the museum. So, when my lovely guiding friend (and guest blogger) Yannick told me that he volunteers on the highlights tour, I knew I had to go (and lured in with the promise of cake) our travelling photographer friend Davide came as well.

It really is a wonderful 90-minute introduction to some of the incredible artefacts held in the museum, and some of the lesser known galleries. Just be careful of which gold statue the guide directs you to whilst on the tour…

It’s a wonderful way to spend a rainy January afternoon. Did I mention that it is another free London wonder?


Have you been?

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