Centre of the Cell, Whitechapel.

Whitechapel is known for many things but bar the hospital, Medical history and laboratory work aren’t topics generally associated with it. If someone mentions Whitechapel to me, I tend to think Murder – Jack the Ripper, the Bell Foundry, and some of the best curry restaurants in London (a well kept secret whilst tourists are harassed around the corner in Brick Lane). Thanks to an awesome Twitter network tip off, we have a new appreciation for this East End enigma.



Centre of the Cell is an educational and health charity (charity number: 1102034) located in Whitechapel, Tower Hamlets, East London. We seek to have a positive impact on the educational, career and health choices of the children, young people and families we work with.

Centre of the Cell is an online resource, a science and health education centre and outreach project. We run educational sessions in the Centre of the Cell ‘Pod’ supported by workshops, mentoring and revision programmes, online resources and internships.   

In a specially arranged ‘adults only’ night trip, we were treated to not only a fantastic walking tour around the history rich streets of Whitechapel with the Guided Walks in London team, but a turn in the Centre of the Cell interactive pod, set up for children to teach them about the human body. 


The institute is firstly a working space for scientists, researchers and laboratory people working on finding cures and medical break throughs, for a healthier population.

The building is a modern marvel, hidden away from the traditional London buildings and shop fronts of Whitechapel proper. Inside the futuristic glass skin, there are several ‘pods’ inspired by actual microscopic cells found within the human body (if I had paid more attention to my science teacher in High School, I could probably tell you which ones…)

One of the pods contains the most technologically advanced teaching tools I’ve ever had the pleasure to play with learn about the human body with. The side of the pods lift up to reveal interactive exhibits keeping you interested for hours.


I WISH I had this when we went to school. I seriously would have stuck with sciences instead of art history is this was how we learnt.

They do have special events on for adults during the school holidays, but I seriously recommend talking a local school into arranging a trip that you can accompany. You must be able to volunteer, right?


Tor further information about Centre of the Cell check out their website.

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