Friday figments and photos

We’re now at the thin edge of the festive cheese wedge. The decorations are being repacked in their boxes, our faithful Christmas trees are being taken back to their natural home and resolutions are being aired briefly before they are forgotten until next year.

Dark Chocolate & Manuka Honey Truffles. Oh Yeah. Healthy AND delicious.

Me? I’ve been out and about exploring again, and planning mucho travel for the New Year – would you expect any less? I have a hungry audience to feast with London and afar tidbits. Like I need an excuse! Also, if you’re thinking about a post of 2014 travel plans, please enter the linkup – it’s open for a week!


I discovered I could be a great eskimo; 

We found a Kray twin pub in the east end (not far from the Cockney Cash Machines and Doctor Who shop & museum);

That the cat thinks I make a great chair;

And I’m pleased to report another 101 in 1001 goal ticked off the list; #10 Donate blood.

This is a super close up. No gore here, just a portion of my walking wounded bandage.

We discovered the best, and possibly most apt shop pun – it’s located a short walk from many Jack the Ripper sites in the East End of London. Genius.

Only in London;

Tell me, do these look like little stylised pints on a lined background to anyone else?

How have you been spending the last few days?

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