Friday figments and photos

A week epitomised by highs and lows.  


Walking to work on Monday: I was sad, seeing these birdie footprints: made me glad



Taking down the tree for another year: I was sad, packing the precious ornaments from loved ones: made me glad.




Back to the instruments of facial torture: made me sad, but a Luxemburgish chocolate treat: made me glad.



Slapping through the rainy streets: made me sad, Watching a silent film version of The Phantom of the Opera, with unique live harp soundtrack and freshly popped popcorn at St Barts Pathology Museum: definitely made me glad.





A friend who is conflicted: made me sad, but catching up and laughing with them: made me glad. 



An accidental TimTam spotting. Not only that but 4 different varieties: made me glad.



A stressy day: made me sad, a touch of gluten free gourmet burger testing: made me glad. 



Sorry about the Big Bang Theory references. They make me glad. (SorryI’mnotsorry).


Have you got a touch of the January blues? Or an anti-January-blues weekend planned?

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