Making your day extra-ordinary, the London Kiwi’s Guide

Everyone has cast off that festive feeling, and we’re all settling back into the daily grind. In that depressing spirit, I thought it timely to re-share this guest post I did for RunawayKiwi last year, with a 2014 makeover.

Flowers indulgence inspiration


It’s so very easy to sink into the daily grind – no matter which country you live in; alarm goes off, snooze too much, jump out of bed in a panic, breakfast, shower, brush teeth, pick something to wear, get stuck under an armpit on the tube, issue platitudes to clients, debate whether to salad or not to salad for lunch, gossip by the water cooler, catch up on your favourite blogs, dream of holidays, get stuck under a sweatier armpit on the return journey, feel gym guilt & promise to go tomorrow, eat dinner, watch the box and moan about how rubbish it is, go to bed too late. It’s even boring reading about it – basically sleep, eat, rinse, repeat.



Sadly, most of the above needs to be done anyway, so why not do it with a bit of verve? 

  • Eat a luxurious breakfast once in a while, maybe Dessert Porridge or Eggs Benedict can be really quick; buy some hollandaise, 5 mins to poach the eggs and toast the muffin & assemble with your favourite topping. It’s even quicker if you get a butler husband flatmate someone to do it for you. Worst case scenario, coffee & a muffin in bed.
  • The showering and brushing of teeth isn’t something easily spiced up, unless you get a singing toothbrush – in which case personal hygiene has just become cool.
  • Wear your highest heels (this is for both boys & girls – have you seen the new internal heels for men?) and something eye catching even if it’s under your clothes (in fact even better!)
  • Read How to be a London Transport Ninja, download the free apps that tell you which carriage to get on the tube or catch the tube 1 stop out to get a seat coming in on your original train.
  • Commit a random act of kindness. Buy the homeless dude a latte, pick up some litter or send a friend flowers just so say ‘I’m thinking of you’.
  • Buy yourself a bunch of flowers.

  • Have lunch away from your desk – walk to the nearest park with a picnic with someone you like, take an exotic salad like Rocket, Parmesan, Goji Berries, Tomatoes and Chicken and remember the walk will cancel out the extra calories if you take a treat.
  • Book in something charitable; a 5k walk with your mates for Breast Cancer, donate blood or come up with something creative.
  • Make up some non-malicious gossip about yourself and see how far it gets around the office.
  • Write a guest blog post, comment on someone elses or pick up a challenge to complete.
  • Plan and book something fun way ahead in the future, so you have something to look forward to.

  • You don’t need to have gym guilt because you walked to the park at lunchtime.
  • Learn some random tube Trivia – Did you know Baker Street station was used in the World Wars as bomb shelters, and in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, the Headmaster at Hogwarts has a scar shaped just like the London Underground map on his knee.
  • Buy some good quality meat/vege and grill ‘em up with your favourite vege and sauces. Quick, easy, nutritious.
  • Arrange to go for a coffee/sparkling mineral water/juice/mojito with someone you really love, or someone you really dislike so you can feel like you’ve done a good deed.

Basically, snatch moments in your everyday life and add some panache. No-one else needs to know that you’re doing it, and it’s always fun to have a guilty secret that no-one else knows about…

Is there an aspect of your life you could add flamboyance to?
Do you have a secret indulgence that no one else knows about?


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