Will travel for food #travelthursdays

All this talk of travel plans and delicious food got me thinking. What are the meals we have had that are worth travelling for? What dishes have we been unable to say no to & willingly go through airport security lines in order to sample?

Patisserie with panache, Eclairs in Paris;

Parisian Eclairs - Travel


Teeny tasty Tapas in Spain;

Plenty of pinchos

Slow cooked Svíčková in Prague;


Simply stunning sushi in Japan;

An American Waffle with eggs, sunny side up in New York;

Classic US breakfast


Hot dogs on Coney Island beach, and hot deli pastrami on a Rubens Sandwich in New York;


Proper northern Fish & Chips in Grimsby, fresh from the ocean;



Fluffy biscuits and erm, plain grits in Florida;



Proper pie, mash & likker in London’s East End;



Pizza, pasta and gorgeous wine throughout Italy;


 Garlicy, buttery and slippery; Snails in Paris


Don’t forget high afternoon tea in beautiful London settings;


And last but not least, my Dad’s Bacon and Egg pie, a Kiwi staple.

This year I want to try frites in Bruges, a proper Morroccan tagine, brownies in Amsterdam, Melton Mowbray Pork Pies in Melton Mowbray, Belgian chocolate, yorkshire puddings in York and a Ham Sandwich in Sandwich, near Ham.


There are SO many goodies to try, and a lot of walking to make up for those goodies.


Do you have that ‘must try’ feeling when you travel?

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