Yum Chaa – Tea Shops, Reviewed.

It says review in the title, but in the interests of being honest, it’s more of a love-in. A girl-crush some might say. Yum Chaa, where have you been all my life? Forget smelly pubs, expensive wine and hangovers, it’s a more delicate way of life for me.

Yum Chaa have an amazing and possibly the best presented ever tea selection I’ve ever seen. How on earth do you choose just one?

Adventures of a London Kiwi Yum Chaa

A tea shop with a great sense of humour, and the staff are lovely.

They have rather interesting contraptions for some of their tea leaves – you leave the tea to brew, then fit the contraption on top of your mug to release the filtered tea. Someone I know (who shall remain nameless because I’m in a kind mood) was so enamoured, entranced and amused, she did it several times.

Buttery fresh scones, worthy of the Queen of Scones’ recommendation (something rather hard to come by) both sweet and savoury (the olive and feta are especially delicious)

Quirky mismatched surroundings.

Adventures of a London Kiwi Yum Chaa
Scuse the terrible photo, I was in cake lust.

Oh, did I mention the delectable cake selection, both full of gluten goodies, and gluten free? There aren’t just GF Brownies here, no siree. And when they do make the menu, they are scrumptious. I dragged the lovely Meg & Kelly (accidentally, I had meant to go to the Tottenham Street one – naughty Google Maps) to the Soho branch recently, on a London GF recce, and it was met to appreciative noises.

Adventures of a London Kiwi Yum Chaa

Isn’t this corner just calling your name to settle in, natter and sip your chosen drink? That overstuffed armchair though, that’s mine.

If you happen to be thirsty, hungry, wet, need a break from exploring through the British Museum or just wandering through Central London, take refuge in one of their shops. My favourite so far is their Tottenham Street branch, the cake selection there was rather incredible and deserves a re-visit. To check the quality levels you understand.

I’ll report further. Oh the things we do for our blogs…

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