Charlotte Street, Danny Wallace – Reviewed.

“A heartwarming everyday tale of boy stalks girl…”

Sometimes you just need to pick up a book that doesn’t address important issues. Sometimes you just need something to sink in, a willing suspense of disbelief, as it were. Sometimes you just want to be gently buffeted along for the ride. I was given this book as a ‘oh, I just thought it might be interesting for you. It surprised me too’ kind of read.


The premise is that an ex-teacher, turned reviewer finds a mysterious disposable camera in a restaurant on Charlotte Street. Chaos ensues as he tries to match up the camera via it’s contents with the lost owner. This is a humourous, quite pithy tale about friendship, romance and making sure you give life a real go. 


“This is actually a book about getting through life after its kicked you rather hard, even if some of the kicking was self-administered.”

I couldn’t put the blimmin thing down this weekend. PJs on, cat nearby in case she got cold, tea in I hand, I simply devoured this (after I finished the intense dystopian Delirium series – more to come on that particular front) all 400 pages. London heavily features as a setting, and as ever it made me want to get out the house and explore this suburban setting. Just next weekend. Don’t judge, ok?

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