Friday figments & photos, a little travel & some tea.

So. Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. Lame, I know but one has to earn a crust in order to buy a few, so I’m hoping you’ll forgive me. If not, here’s a Valentines nibble just for you, and you, and you quietly at the back. 


I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of your heart’s desire, whatever that may be.


(If it’s a travel blog linkup, keep scrolling…)




Mine? It’s full of I Love You Toast (gluten free of course) and random Valentine’s Day facts.  


This week other than full of boring serious stuff, involved brunching at the scrummy Hummingbird Café,




Kiwis dressed as Buzzy bees, maraudering around Central London (it was the Waitangi Day pub crawl after all…)




Posh tea with good friends, nattering and lots of cake



A touch of cooking (chocolate cherry of course)




A touch of the furry stalker beast…



My kiwi blogging peeps Kelly, Rebecca and I are enjoying our travel linkups so much, we’re having another one, and giving you a little more warning this time – from the 1st March – 7th March we’d love you to link up to our posts & share the blogging love. This month the topic is “That travelling ‘pinch me’ moment”. The one that made you realise you were alive.


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